8/4: Early reports mischaracterize Blue Apron NJ layoffs, much smaller # effected

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Blue Apron is laying off a quarter of its staff (TechCrunch)
1270 jobs reported cut in Jersey City.

Blue Apron Is Closing Jersey City Facility and Moving 1,270 Jobs (Bloomberg)
To beautiful Linden. The rest of the story.

Blue Apron Corrects Layoffs Rumor: Only 470, Or Fewer, It Says (Barron's Tech Trader Daily)

Drug pricing pressure weighs on AmerisourceBergen forecast (Reuters)

SAP Says Restrictions on New Recruitment not a General Hiring Freeze (Fortune)

So What’s Up with Oracle Cloud? ( James Governor / Enterprise Irregulars)

TiVo’s Q2 revenues spike 67% after merger; ‘making progress’ on Comcast litigation (FierceCable)

Alumni from top Georgia incubator see 145% increase in funding this year (VentureBeat)

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