Saturday Highlights: Report: Uber lags competition in self-driving progress; Princeton prof goes west to start another

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Hulu is said to get NBC cable channels in test of online service (Bloomberg via Sun-Sentinel)
Just testing, no word on any agreement between Hulu and part owner NBC on content.

First Evidence of Fifth-Generation Apple TV and tvOS 11 Possibly Spotted in Developer Logs (MacRumors)

Industry Clouds: An At-Scale Grass Roots Trend Changing IT Life within Sectors (Enterprise Tech)

Uber Sharply Lags Competition in Self-Driving Progress (Fortune)

Meet 'Professor X,' the AI genius who left his lab at Princeton to beat Uber, Google, and Intel at their own game
(Business Outsider)

IBM, Salesforce CEOs attend Trump roundtable with German Chancellor Merkel (The Hill)

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