Dell Boomi buys SanFrancisco-based startup ManyWho

Tom Paine

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Dell Boomi has acquired San Francisco-based ManyWho, which provides an agile, enterprise-level, cloud-based, application development platform in a low-code environment.

ManyWho "simplifies workflow automation and allows businesses and developers to turn business processes into rich software applications to connect employees, customers and core systems," Dell Boomi said in its press release.

"The acquisition unlocks the ability for businesses to maximize best-of-breed cloud applications, driving efficiency, increasing time to value and building a competitive advantage. With the addition of ManyWho, the Boomi platform provides customers with the enabling technology to address the challenges of Hybrid IT. Now, the platform allows businesses to connect, manage data changes, ensure data quality and re-establish efficient business processes across your IT landscape."

ManyWho was founded in 2013 by Steve Wood and Dave Norris, who sold their previous startup, 'Informavores', to Salesforce in 2009. ManyWho had financial backing from two companies, Salesforce, "personally sponsored by Marc Benioff", and Corvisa, according to a 2015 ManyWho press release. Funding was about $1.3 million, according to CrunchBase.

Boomi says it plans to keep ManyWho’s employees and existing operations, while continuing to invest in additional engineering, channel, marketing, professional services, support and sales capability.

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