Links 10/25/2013: QlikTech falls nearly 20% on Europe & Asia weakness, guidance cut

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QlikTech says order delays to hurt quarter; shares sink (Reuters)
Shares fall 19% today.

NetSuite Reports Q3 Sales Growth, Declares Victory Over SAP (CRN)

NetSuite's Nelson mocks SAP for halting work on its, er, 'NetSuite-killer' (The Register)

SAP sees strong MDM demand to meet BYOD trend as BlackBerry use wanes (
Echoes this recent article that mentions Blue Bell-based Fiberlink moving in to replace BlackBerry (for MDM) in large Canadian auction house.

Amazon Web Services Revenue: New Details (Information Week)

Source: Oracle Paid Over $400 Million For BigMachines To Grab More Salesforce Customers (Business Insider)

Zients:'s problems will be fixed in a month (USA Today)

Schiller to Leave NBCU For Twitter Post (Multichannel News)

Don't let the cheap Comcast HBO deal fool you, cord-cutters (CNET News)