Daily Links 6/26/2013: Oracle/Salesforce deal - a virtual acquisition?

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Workday Pushes Recruitment As Taleo, SuccessFactors Fade, Says Pac Crest (Barron's: Tech Trader Daily)

Workday: Oracle Unlikely to Unseat Them at Salesforce, Says William Blair (Barron's: Tech Trader Daily)

Salesforce and Oracle in a Deal (Denis Pombriant / Enterprise Irregulars)

Oracle slips out long-heralded 12c cloudbase in SECRET (The Register)

Oracle and NetSuite unveil cloud-computing alliance (Reuters)

SAP HANA at 2: How Do the Numbers Add Up? (ASUG News)

Intel Has Internal Launch Date for Pay TV Service
Chipmaker Expects TV Content to Include Live Sports
(Ad Age)

A Changing Telecom Landscape (Infographic)
(Wall Street Journal)
An interesting look at how the US telecom industry has evolved since the breakup of the old AT&T in 1984.

PPD and ePharmaSolutions Win 2013 Microsoft Life Sciences Innovation Award (Business Wire)
ePharmaSolutions is based in Conshohocken.

Event stresses need to keep graduates in region (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Drexel Engineering Students Create The EZPass of Parking for Major Cities – Hot Spot Parking (Drexel Engineering News)

Square’s New Online Stores Could Make Twitter Where You Shop (Wired)