Daily Links 4/15/2013: Dish offers $25.5 billion for Sprint

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Dish offers $25.5B for Sprint, outbidding Softbank by $5B to become a wireless player (VentureBeat)

Verizon offers Clearwire $1.5 billion for spectrum leases, says WSJ (The Verge)

More Cracks Undermine the Citadel of TV Profits (New York Times)

How a Simple Press Release Reveals AT&T’s Anti-Competition Hypocrisy (Wired)

Seven Questions for Workday CEO and Greylock Partner Aneel Bhusri (All Things D)

Best Practices for SAP HANA Data Loads (John Appleby/SAP Community Network)
Probably more detail than most readers need, but I thought the description of the approach, process, and results was very interesting.

Why the cloud is threatened by unprofitability (USA Today)
Not sure if author truly understands cloud economics, accounting issues, long-term recurring revenue streams.

News organizations protest exclusion from Philadelphia bond meeting (Philadelphia Inquirer)
"Asked what might be said that would be inappropriate for the public to hear, Dubow declined to speculate, saying there wasn't enough space for reporters anyway."
Specious logic. They certainly could have reserved room for a small pool of reporters if
they had chosen to.

Blue Bell company fires CFO due to investigation
(Philadelphia Business Journal)

Government Shouldn’t Be In The Accelerator Business (FeldThoughts)

PANL[Ewing, NJ-based Universal Display]: Low TV Set Opportunity Offsets Mobile, Says Canaccord (Barron's: Tech Trader Daily)