38th annual Trenton Computer Festival is tomorrow (Saturday)

Tom Paine

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The 38th annual Trenton Computer Festival (TCF 2013) will be held tomorrow, March 16, at the College of New Jersey in Ewing, NJ, outside of Trenton. While in the past the festival had a two day format, in recent years it has been a one day event.

TCF has been an historically important meeting place for home computing pioneers on the East Coast. Now, of course, there is so much information on the Internet as well as from other sources and distribution channels that it is not so essential, but back in its early days there weren't many other places you could access that type of information and see what was actually out there in terms of hardware components and software. TCF has had a list of renown keynoters, including ENIAC co-inventor John William Mauchly, Bill Gates, and area resident and open source pioneer Eric Raymond.

Still, today it continues to be an active venue for people exploring new technologies and ideas.

David Gewirtz wrote an ode to early days of TCF in ZDNet last year.

This year's TCF will run from 9 to 5, and will include an indoor flea market and a broad selection of workshops and presentations ( see schedule here (pdf). Admission is only $10 (children under 12 free).

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Daily Links 3/15/2013: Comcast now nation's second largest advertiser; SAP now Germany's most valuable company

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Comcast now nation's second largest advertiser (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Cablevision Sale Within 18 Months Likely, Says Citi (Investor's Business Daily)
But analyst says Comcast not likely buyer (though I bet there are some little pieces of
Cablevision Comcast might wish to own).

Hulu Names an Acting Chief Executive (New York Times: Media Decoder)
While contemplating changes in ownership structure.

Comcast to Widen World of Addressable Ads
Source: MSO Plans to Have Invidi’s Targeted-Ad System Deployed Across U.S. Footprint by End of 2014
(Multichannel News)

South by Southwest (SXSW): Aereo vs. the Cable Bundle (Time Tech)

Princeton Review Founder’s Startup Noodle Acquires Lore To Build An Education Marketplace Around Search (TechCrunch)
Lore, originally CourseKit, was started by three undergrads at Penn before moving to New York.

SAP Emerges from Changes as Most Valuable German Company (Information Management Online)

Google Elbows Into the Cloud (New York Times)

Exclusive: EMC, IBM eye web hosting company SoftLayer- sources

Ben Franklin TechVentures to House Lehigh Valley Angel Investors
(Ben Franklin News)