Daily Links 3/12/2013: InstaMed Says It Expects Triple-Digit Growth in Wake of Healthcare Reform

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InstaMed Expects Triple-Digit Growth in Wake of Healthcare Reform (Business Wire)

Pinterest Launches Web Analytics to Track Popular Content
(Ad Age)
"Curalate's CEO Apu Gupta said he views a Pinterest analytics product as a boon to small businesses instead of competition for his company, which is focused on charging big companies for Pinterest analytics."

HP, SAP talking HANA-as-a-service
New acronym! IMCaaS (In-memory-computing-as-a-service)
(The Register)

IMS Health Announces Acquisition of Appature
Leading-Edge, Cloud-Based Marketing Platform for Life Sciences
(Business Wire)

Q&A with Dell Boomi Master Data Management (MDM) Product Manager Rob Moyer (Dell Boomi Blog)

NBCU News chief has long to-do list (LA Times: Company Town)

Comcast's Xfinity Takes 'Angry Birds Toons' (Hollywood Reporter)

Urban Outfitters 4Q profit doubles (AP via CNBC)
Direct to Consumer (eCommerce) revenue rose 44% in quarter; now running at annual rate of
$2.6 billion.

T-Mobile-MetroPCS sails through FCC without even a vote (Gigaom)

Oracle, Montclair State University Settle Bitter Contract Dispute (Information Week)