Daily Links 3/19/2010: Comcast and ISC offer IPv6 transition tool

Commodore 64 Awakes From Slumber With Makeover (IDG via New
York Times)

Comcast, ISC offer IPv6 transition tool (Network World)

Cuttyhunkers Win Comcast Net Reversal
(Vineyard Gazette Online)

Android set-top box may be coming to a living room near you (Ars Technica)

Parents oppose Philly school webcam spying lawsuit (Associated Press via the Times Herald)

Morningstar buying rater of structured finance (Reuters)
Horsham-based Realpoint.

PHIXing medical record sharing
(Daily Pennsylvanian)

Report: mHealth had $1.5B in 2009 revenues (Mobile Health News)

Mikros Systems Corporation Announces $26 Million Contract Award for the Adaptive Diagnostic Electronic Portable Testset (ADEPT) (PR Newswire)

Appearance: PPUG meets tomorrow in Philadelphia (ZDNet Blogs)