Daily Links 2/12/2010: First Round Capital introduces Key Hire Wire

SAP keeps it interesting! (Next Gen Enterprise)

SAP chairman says won't meddle day-to-day - report (Reuters)

SAP's Executive Exodus
Less than a week after its CEO quits, two more are leaving the software firm. What gives?


Motorola Merger of Phone, Set-Top Units Sets It Apart (Bloomberg via Business Week)

Moloney Stays At Home Unit After Motorola Reorganization
Exec Will Report to Jha Under Company's New Structure
(Multichannel News)

InterDigital Issues Financial Updates (Business Wire)

Introducing the First Round Capital Key Hire Wire (Redeye VC)

Controversy surrounding cloud computing (Boomi Blog)

Veoh Bankrupt, what did Viddler do differently?
(Robert Sandie)