Comcast/NBCU Updates

Comcast to weigh revising Universal Pictures script (LA Times: Company Town)

Tears shed at NBC Uni town hall
Insiders call emotional finale 'inspiring'
(The Hollywoood Reporter)

Editorial: Comcast's big deal (Philadelphia Inquirer)

SEC Watch: Comcast Units Not Part of The Deal, and Its Stakes, Including Current TV (paidContent)

Comcast seeks support on Hill, Street (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Comcast Hasn’t Made ‘Last, Best Offer’ to U.S. on Deal for NBC (Bloomberg)

Comcast: NBCU Deals Spurs Upgrades (Barron's:
Tech Trader Daily)


Daily Links 12/4/09: Portico Systems named 2009 Emerging Technology Company of the Year

No Quick Resolution Likely for SAP KPI Saga (PCWorld)

SAP managed hosting no longer all or nothing (

Oracle: Ellison Reportedly Offers Compromise On MySQL To Address EU Concerns On Sun Deal (Barron's: Tech Trader Daily)
Update: Oracle says now that there is no truth to that report.

Portico Systems Named 2009 Emerging Technology Company of the Year
Eastern Technology Council Enterprise Awards Acknowledges Innovation and Growth
(Business Wire)

U.S. hospitals turn to GE for surgical cuts (Reuters)
Features South Jersey's Virtua Health.

Pennsylvania seeks pact with Delaware for HIE
(Goverrnment Health IT)

DailyCandy Cutting Back Local Editions (paidContent)
No more daily Philadelphia edition, six layoff.

Fastech Strengthens Product and Service Portfolio - Acquires Regional Leaders Transcend and Aserdiv
Company is now one of the 500 largest IT VARs in the US
(PR Newswire)


More on Center City Direct

                                         (Source: Center City Direct website)

Center City Direct, which operates the new "digital newsstands" launched last week (see Press Release for background) at old fashioned Philadelphia newsstands in conjunction with CBS, understands the power of newsstands as both distribution and information centers.

But while its relationship with the Newsstand Association of Philadelphia is very important to it, Center City Direct (CCD), a unit of Philadelphia"s Alternative Media Holdings, is looking to expand its digital reach into a broader market longer-term. It already provides digital broadcasting in some Asian stores in Philadelphia, and while it considers Philadelphia a key market, it also has eyes on other opportunities in the US. Their goal, it seems, is to reach "people on the move" with multiple types of media channels. For example, each digitally equipped newsstand will be a Wifi hotspot. A website where businesses can provide information about themselves, and opt-in text messages and/or email newsletters are among other services to be provided. CCD also plans a free print publication to be distributed through the Center City newsstands.

Though digital signage technology was dominated by highly proprietary, closed turnkey systems a few years ago, the software has move to open web standards and the hardware is often sold separately. CCD developed its own proprietary software to manage its digital feeds, and buys its display units from Acer. It maintains its own technical staff, but has nothing to do with editing content other than putting ads onto the system. The news and entertainment feeds are completely controlled by the CBS properties. Although I don't know whether Comcast will like having all those CBS feeds around town.

Center City Direct's President & CEO is Phong Phan. He and Chief Marketing Officer Andy Burstein are the principal financial backers of the venture, according to Burstein.

The map below shows the newsstands that are currently participating in the program (Source: Center City Direct)

View Center City Direct in a larger map