Daily Links 10/30/09: ‘Bill Gates of Belgium’ Fights SAP With Free Software

Unfinished Windows 7 Feature Turns Laptops Into Wi-Fi Hotspots (PC World)
Philadelphia firm finds the secret.

MyYearbook deepens push into virtual cash with toolbar, Target cash cards (VentureBeat)

‘Bill Gates of Belgium’ Fights SAP With Free Software (Bloomberg)

Oracle vs. SAP: Battle of the Fall 2009 Balance Sheets
A head-to-head examination of how the two software giants were able to increase net income during a global recession in which revenues plunged.

Is BI ready to meet the real world? (ZDNet Blogs)

Quality Systems 2Q profit rises on boosted sales (Associated Press via Forbes)
Quality Systems' NextGen Healthcare Information Systems is based in Horsham.

Going Full Gilt: DailyCandy Gets Into Sample-Sale Game (paidContent)
Taking on new GSI Commerce acquisition.

Why Your Broadband Meter Is Running Late (GigaOM)

Verizon's FioS Deployment Enters A New Chapter
Carrier will likely pause deployment to market to existing footprint
(Broadband Reports)

Addressable Advertising: Still in the Pipe-Cleaning Stage (Advertising Age)

FCC Economist: Congestion Pricing Could Mean Efficient Network Operation
Cable Operators Have Been Talking About Charging More For Bandwidth-Heavy Users
(Multichannel News)

Funding shortfall stymies tech-transfer capabilities (Philadelphia Business Journal)

8 Central Pa. companies receive Ben Franklin funding (Central Penn Business Journal)

Video: Bing subjugates Pa. middle school to jingle (Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Microsoft Blog)
This is terrible. They are indoctrinating young children in Horsham into becoming Microsoft followers. Shades of Obama and