Andrew Wyeth’s Last Interview
(Philadelphia Magazine: The Daily Examiner)


SAP pays Sun to keep Java on NetWeaver alive (The Register UK)

Microsoft Dumps 7.3% Stake In Comcast (Silicon Alley Insider)

Kevin Martin's Greatest Hits (Light
Reading: Cable Digital News)

Retirement Living TV Gets Boost
Comcast Deal Will Expand Audience as More Marketers Pursue Older Crowd
(Wall Street Journal)

Comcast Adds 3 HD Channels In Philly (

Aline(TM) Wins Major Accounts in Q4 2008 (PR Newswire)

Jack Horner Communications leaving Pittsburgh for Philadelphia (Pittsburgh Business Times)

Valley will help launch job Web site (Allentown Morning Call)
I'm not sure why the Government needs to do this.

Business incubator offers support and encouragement (Gloucester County Times)


Another BarCamp appears to be in the works for Philadelphia. BarCamp
is scheduled for April 25 at Temple. I'm not sure yet exactly what it will cover, but obviously it will be oriented towards journalism/media 2.0 kinds of issues.
HealthCamp Philadelphia is slated for some time in the spring, though I don't believe an official date or venue have been publically announced yet.


Circuit City to be liquidated: report (Reuters)
Timeline of Circuit City Stores Inc. (Associated Press via Google News)

I worked for Circuit City one summer at its headquarters back in its heyday. They built an impressive model for selling consumer electronics and were the dominant force in the industry for more than a decade. I think I recall that their stock had the highest return during the 1980's. Unfortunately, Best Buy developed a better, lower cost model and Circuit City failed to adapt. Now, it appears they are gone.