Street upbeat on city's Wi-Fi effort
(Philadelphia Inquirer)
I'm not so sure. I'm still trying to sort through this Earthlink situation and what it all means for Wireless Philadelphia. While the company is not in any danger(at present) and has plenty of cash, I do question some of the assumptions they are making about their post-restructuring future. Of course, once most of the sunk costs(for Wireless Philadelphia) are in place, it is in their interest to try and generate as much incrementally profitable revenue as they can from it. But if customer acquisition costs are too high and service quality is too low, that may not be viable. Also, WiMax is coming in the not-so-distant future, and that could considerably alter the landscape.

More to come.

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There are a significant number of Teradata accounts in the Philadelphia area. Teradata is generally not for the little guys, but for companies shifting through huge volumes of data to find trends and patterns quickly.

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I should have more on this later.