Quentin Clark, previously CTO, named SAP's Chief Business Officer

Tom Paine

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Quentin Clark has apparently been appointed Chief Business Officer at SAP, according to the company's website. He joined SAP as Chief Technical Officer in November 2014 from Microsoft.

SAP's website says, "He is responsible for defining the direction for SAP and for advancing the company’s business strategy. In this role, he heads corporate strategy, corporate development, partner strategy and development, and portfolio strategy activities."

Whether this was totally a preplanned transition, or perhaps a step to place in position more management depth following Bill McDermott's recent misfortune, is not yet known.

Pure Storage shares flop in first day of trading after IPO (Fortune)
Latest flash storage IPO ends day slightly below offering price.

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GE and PTC Form Broad Strategic Alliance to Pursue Brilliant Factory Opportunity; ThingWorx a key

Tom Paine

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GE (NYSE: GE) and PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) announced late last month that the two companies would form [a} broad strategic alliance to "partner to deliver an innovative manufacturing solution that will be available within GE’s Brilliant Manufacturing Suite. This new GE-branded manufacturing solution leverages the capabilities of PTC’s ThingWorx Industrial Internet of Things application enablement environment."

GE beleives the collaboration will deliver a "shop floor to ERP solution" that will be of particular value.

PTC's ThingWorx has been working with GE for a while, so the partnership is not really a surprise. But the endorsement of GE, perhaps the leading US industrial company, certainly will help ThingWorx secure a place among the leading industrial IoT platforms.

ThingWorx, based in Exton, was founded in 2009 by three veterans of the factory automation industry (before the term Internet of Things stuck), Russell Fadel, Rick Bullotta and John Richardson. Funded during the venture stage in large part by Safeguard Scientifics, ThingWorx was acquired by Massachusetts-based PTC at the end of 2013 for about $112 million plus a potential $18 million earnout.

People often think of IoT as being for consumer or light office application, but ThingWorx' founders understood the unique needs of the industrial enviroment and focused from the beginning on serving that market.

And its a rather big company now, though its hard to believe that LinkedIn has 262 employees listed for ThingWorx, of which 63 are in the Philadelphia area.

It is GE's intent to market the IoT platform to other manufacturers, as well as deploying it internally.

AWS re:Invent Day 2 10/7: AWS intros Kinesis, 'Snowball'; Financial updates reveal stunning growth

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Sungard Availability Services Launches AWS Recovery Solution (PR Newswire)

Cloudnexa Launches White Label vNOC Managed Cloud Offering for Amazon Web Services (AWS) (Yahoo Finance)

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Amazon’s AWS Is Now A $7.3B Business As It Passes 1M Active Enterprise Customers (TechCrunch)

Links 10/7: EMC & Dell considering combination; Amazon reported playing with live OTT

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Lessons from Kullman's ouster at DuPont (Fortune)

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GE Nurtures Its Industrial Internet Ecosystem
Automation World)
ThingWorx, along with parent PTC, appear to have won key role in helping GE develop its IoT platform.

Mayors (and Philly candidate) unite to trash Verizon over slow fiber internet rollouts (Engadget)
Engadget reports on new owner's progress.

'A delicious slice of pie': QVC's surprisingly successful mobile play (Digiday)

Amazon Noodling Live OTT: Report (Multichannel News)

Highlights 10/6: Can QVC regain growth?; CDI acquires ERP implementation practice

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Can Philly's QVC, Seattle's Zulily start growing again? (Philly Deals)

Time Warner Cable promises to stop acting like a cable company (Ars Technica)

The DraftKings and FanDuel employee betting scandal, explained (Vox)
Comcast Ventures and some other locally connected interests have invested in FanDuel. But to be clear, since the headline isn't, there is no suggestion that I've seen that any FanDuel employee dd anything wrong. The onus is on DraftKings.

Meet Project Orca, SAP's new, Hana-based analytics tool (IT World)

CDI Acquires EdgeRock Technologies, a Leading Provider of Specialty IT Staffing (PR Newswire)
Has Workday practice, in addition to SAP, Oracle Hyperion.

Comcast, PATCO Expand WiFi Pact
(Multichannel News)

Highlights from AWS re:Invent 2015-Day 1

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Rackspace turns into a fanatical AWS cloud-flinger (The Register)

Rackspace Slips Despite AWS Deal; Winer Take All for Amazon, Says Piper (Barron's Tech Trader Daily)

Amazon sets sights on massive Internet of things opportunity with new cloud offering (Fortune)

AWS getting more data analytics help from smaller software makers (ZDNet)

VC says Amazon infrastructure smokes the competition | #AWSreinvent (Silicon Angle)

Re:Invent Keynote: Seven Things Coming For AWS Partners (CRN)

The real race: Amazon Web Services vs Salesforce

Tom Paine

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Why is AWS re:Invent 2015, kicking off today in Las Vegas, so significant?

Recently, in comparing Salesforce (NASDAQ: CRM) to Amazon Web Services, a segment of Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) I concluded, "well, they're really not the sane thing."

And that's true. They hsve different operating platformss, and different ways of delivering services to their customers. And to this point Salesforce has been in the business of delivering packeged solutions, while AWS provides raw computing power with layers of certain managed services on top.

But they are both in the cloud business, and collectively they dominate the cloud in terms of its architecture and economics. And inevitably they are going to collide at some point in the battle for cloud dominance.

This macro comparison might be helpful though its sketchy in some ways. I compared the projections that Amazon generously offered up in mid-year for calendar year 2015, ending the long speculation over what constituted Amazon's "other" revenue line, to Salasfoce's actual results for its last four quarters through July of this year. Not exactly apples to apples, but I think the big picture comparison is helpful.

Salesforce AWS
Revenue $6.0 bn $6.2 bn
Revenue Growth 35% 62%
Operating Margin 0 17
Market CAP $50 bn $40 to 50 bn*
*Several fairly consistent estimates, if AWS is valued as standalone
Saleforce results based on 12 months ending 7/31/2015

AWS has the edge in growth and profitability (according to their breakout, though it may not be a straight comparison to Salesforce's numbers) at this time.

And you may see AWS moving closer to offering solutions or the means for solutions in some areas in Las Vegas, such as Business Intelligence, The Internet of Things, and database functionality. And its army of partners are close behind, not as well known as some of Salesforce's partners perhaps, but no less on the cutting edge.

So the thing to watch at AWS' confab is directional. How far will it indicate that its moving up the value chain towards being a solutions provider?

Update 10/8: AWS' numbers are apparently looking even stronger than previously revealed.

Highlights 10/5: Why old ERP is dying; Analysts say Amazon's "Space Needle" no slam dunk vs QLIK, DATA

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Old ERP is way past its “Best When Used By” date (Brian Sommer/Diginomica)

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OneTwoSee raises $1.2 million from local investors (Ben Franklin Technology Partners)

FanDuel CEO Nigel Eccles: How we're competing with DraftKings (Fortune)

IBM zeroes in on unstructured data with Cleversafe buy (PC World)

Highlights 10/4: What to look for at AWS re:Invent 2015; Questions persist about its US-East-1 region

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Come for a ‘Taste of Philly’. Leave with a new vision for the future of marketing, advertising and commerce. (Erik B. Rasmussen/Safeguard Scientifics Blog)

IBM Scientists Find New Way to Shrink Transistors (NY Times)

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